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Apr 10


This Shabbos is called Shabbos Hagadol – the great Shabbos. Let us examine how this Shabbos got its name. The Talmud explains that on the Shabbos before the Jews left Egypt, each Jew took a male lamb and tied it to their bedposts. When the Egyptians saw this, they asked what they were doing. The …

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Apr 04


This Shabbos is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, which the Torah calls the first month of the year. Thus our calendar year has two firsts. Rosh Hashanah, which marks the creation of Adam and when G-d judges us for the year, is celebrated in Tishrei – the seventh month of the year. Then there is Nissan, the …

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Mar 28

Who is Arneves!

The Talmud relates that King Ptolemy II forced 72 Jewish sages to translate the written Torah into Greek (The Septuagint). This was the first time the Written Torah was translated into another language and it was Ptolemy’s wish that the nations of the world gain access to our Torah. Ptolemy chose 72 Sages, and without …

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Mar 20

Body and the Soul!

The Hebrew calendar is set up in such a way that the Holiday of Purim – the 14th day of Adar – cannot coincide with Shabbos. However even if Purim would fall on Shabbos – which in fact does happen even today in a walled city like Jerusalem which celebrates Purim a day later on …

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