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Jul 30


The women of the country of Midyan deliberately exploited themselves in a lewd and suggestive manner and caused the Jews to sin which brought about a plague that cost the lives of tens of thousands of Jews. As a result, G-d commanded Moshe to wage war against Midyan to avenge the death of the Jews. …

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Jul 25

That’s Not Nice!

This week’s Torah portion is titled Pinchos, who was a heroic person. Since the time of Noach, the inhabitants of the world had taken upon themselves a set of moral and ethical rules. These rules are referred to as the Seven Noachide Laws. Included in these laws is the prohibition of adulterous relationships. Until our …

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Jul 18

He Blew It!

The Mishna in Ethics of Our Fathers makes a distinction between two figures; our forefather Avraham and the wicked non-Jewish prophet Bilaam. The Mishna tells that a student of Avraham possesses the following three qualities; a good eye, a humble spirit and a gentle soul; whereas a student of Bilaam, possesses an evil eye, an …

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Jul 11

Different Names!

During the last year that the Jews traveled through the desert, they began advancing towards the Land of Israel. To reach their goal they had to pass through occupied lands. The most direct option was to travel through the land of Seir, which was ruled by the King of Edom. The Torah relates that at …

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Jul 04

How Much Blue!

The Torah describes a disturbing episode that occurred while the Jews were traveling in the desert. Korach, a man from a prestigious Levite family took issue with his cousin Moshe, claiming that Moshe had appointed his brother Aaron as the high priest on his own volition, not by the command of G-d. Korach wanted the …

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Jun 27


Traditionally, during the seven days that follow the wedding of a newly married couple, celebratory meals are hosted by family and friends. These meals are called Sheva Brochos, because at the conclusion of the Birchas Hamazon – grace after meals, six special blessings directed to the groom and bride are recited over a cup of …

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Jun 20


The Torah portion begins with G-d telling Moshe to instruct Aaron that he and his descendants will have the distinct privilege of kindling the Menorah in the Temple each day. The golden Temple Menorah was fashioned of seven branches. Pure olive oil was used and the wicks were generally taken from the retired worn out …

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Jun 13

Colors & Flavors!

The Tribe of Levi was designated as the representative of G-d and the Jewish people to serve in the Temple. The Kohanim, Aaron and his descendants, were chosen to perform the actual Temple services and functions, such as the sacrifices and offerings. The rest of the tribe of Levi were watchmen of the Temple, the …

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