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  3. Higher Power! — January 1, 2019
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Jan 17

Blank Space!

At the conclusion of the Torah reading in the synagogue someone is honored with lifting the Torah. He lifts it up and spreads it out so that at least three columns of the sacred writing are shown to the congregants. When the congregation sees the script they recite two verses of the Torah beginning with, …

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Jan 10

Take Notice!

  Darkness, the ninth plague that G-d sent upon the Egyptians was different from all the other plagues insofar as there was nothing that was created differently or altered – darkness just descended. The Medrash gives us two reasons why G-d brought the plague of darkness upon the Egyptians. 1) There were Jews in Egypt …

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Jan 01

Higher Power!

The Pharoh of Egypt enslaved the Jewish people for over one hundred years – a very long time. When the right time came for the Exodus of the Jews, G-d sent Moshe to lead the Jews and negotiate the details of their departure with the Pharoh. It was not simple to convince Pharoh to release …

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Dec 27

A Day Off!

Our leader Moshe was adopted by Basya the daughter of the Pharoh and was raised from infancy until adulthood in the Pharoh’s palace. Basya, who had herself clandestinely converted to Judaism, raised Moshe with the assistance of his mother Yocheved in the palace. All this was kept hidden from the Pharoh. The Medrash relates that …

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Dec 19

Secret Code!

Although the life of our forefather Yaacov was filled with challenges, the last seventeen years of his life, when he lived in Egypt, were idyllic. His entire family was intact and there was an infrastructure of Jewish life and study in the land of Goshen, the area designated for the Jews in Egypt. Yaacov and …

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Dec 13

Remedy Depression!

For twenty-two long years our forefather Yaacov mourned continuously over the loss of his beloved son Yosef. The Torah relates that all of Yaacov’s children tried to comfort him during this time, but he rejected their words and remained in a state of despair. The question raised is, usually when one faces a devastating loss, …

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Dec 05


Although the Torah – G-d’s eternal Law book that consists of the five Books of Moshe – was completed 3290 years ago when our leader Moshe passed away a month before the Jews entered the land of Israel, the Talmud finds hints in the Torah to the names of Esther, Mordechai, and Haman of the …

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Nov 29

Ascend or Descend!

With Chanukah quickly approaching, I want to share a profound idea presented by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach o.b.m. which expands and illuminates Chanukah and its rituals. There is an interesting debate in the Talmud between the Sages of Bais Hillel and Bais Shamai whether we start Chanukah with one candle on our Menorah and add a …

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Nov 22

Small Golden Chain!

Our forefather Yaacov struggled and fought with the angel of his hated brother Aisav and overpowered him. The angel changed Yaacov’s name to Yisroel. Yaakov means heel, because he was holding the heel of Aisav when he was born, but the word Yaacov also has a connotation of trickery. The name Yisroel however, connotes superiority. …

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Nov 15

Moving Sidewalks!

The speed of travelling was greatly advanced with the advent of mechanical and fuel powered engines. Before that, the speed of travel was limited to walking or using animals and ships. However, the Talmud points out that there were two trips referred to in the Torah, when high-speed travel was employed. When Eliezer travelled out …

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